The Fort Recovery Chamber of Commerce met in regular session on March 28, 2023 at Wendel’s BBQ
Members Present: Eric Brackman, Connor Rammel, Amy Wendel, Sue Heiser, Thomas Shaw, Maddie Hesitand, Ted Romer, Randy Diller, Larry Brown, Tony Stahl, Dave Kaup
Secretary Report: Thomas Shaw, made a motion to approve the previous month meeting minutes, seconded by Sue Heiser
Treasurers Report: Checking account beginning balance $5,662.78. Disbursements totaling $1972.02, receipts totaling $905.00 with an ending balance of $4,595.76, Cash on hand is $5.00 and the Fort Recovery Scholarship Fund is $8,371.38 for a grand total of $12,972.14. Thomas, made a motion to approve, seconded by Ted.

Old Business:
New Business: Connor’s last meeting was today, stepping down from being Chamber President as he is taking a new job. THANK YOU for all your time and dedication to the Chambers throughout the years Connor! If anyone is looking for a new position (Chambers Vice President) please let Eric, Amy or Thomas know.

  • Stacy Link has posted that they are looking for a tenant to fill the old North End establishment
    downtown. Please let anyone who is looking for a spot to expand or start their business know that there is availability downtown! Like/Share the post on facebook to help spread the word.
  • Chamber: Banquet was well attended.
  • Village: – Traffic light is a work in progress-
  • In the design stage for the 49/Sharpsburg Rd/ Flaler Rd path
  • Wiggs / Gwendolyn Street reconstruction project will be sent out to bid
  • Lagoons – so far no smell, we were smelling it by this time last year, so hopefully things continue to move in the right direction for that.
    EVENTS in the community
  • April 1st is the Easter Event (Easter Bunny photo opportunity)
  • Community Garage Sales are April 20th
  • 22nd
  • Brick Street Market is April 29th
  • Spring clean up April 29th
  • May 12th is the spring cruise in downtown.
    School: Congratulations to Mr. Stahl, as he accepted the Superintendent position last evening!
  • This means the school will be looking for a new High School Principal
  • Elementary Principal position is also open, was posted and applicants have begun sending in their
  • Nina Wendel was hired to be the new High School Science teacher.
  • Larry wanted to show his appreciation towards the Athletic Boosters as well as the WOW committee in everything they have been able to contribute to the new Softball/Baseball facility. It’s looking
    Merchants: Have their Easter Event this weekend.
    Jubilee: Have lots of new events at the Jubilee this year. Check out the website
  • The parade registration is now open! Please consider being apart of the fun! You can register online
    as well or contact Amy Wendel 419-733-2915 OR Eric Brackman 419-852-5364 for more details!
  • Attached is a flyer that if you are interested, feel free to print out and hang up in your place of
    business OR contact Amy Wendel ( or 419-733-2915) and we can get you a copy
    to hang up!
  • Chicken dinner sales are going on now! You can purchase at Mercer Savings, Park National, First
    Financial, Miracle Lanes or Thobes Carry out.
    o You can also purchase online! (along
    with Jubilee Merchandise!)
    Ambassadors: sewer project is wrapping up
  • July pull is the last weekend of July.
    Athletic Boosters/WOW: March 31st – there will be a ceremony before the game. If the weather is not favorable
    and the games are cancelled, there will be a make update announced.
    Historical Society & Project Recovery: Have a meeting this wek.
    Community Foundation: Grand distribution committee going to meet to go over recommendations. Will be
    presented to the board at the May Meeting.
    Ted motioned to adjourn the meeting.
    The next meeting is scheduled for April 25th at Wendel’s BBQ at 12:00 p.m.

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