Fort Recovery Local School District is a small school district comprised of a High School, Middle School and Elementary School. The school district serves nearly 900 students in a community of under 1500 residents! Located on State Route 119, the high school houses grades 9-12 and just south of the high school, on Sharpsburg Road, is the Elementary/Middle School facility focused on grades K-8.

The district takes pride in its past, present, and its future. The students and staff work hard to be one of the top schools in the state of Ohio. Educating around one-thousand students, the family-oriented district relies on strong community support to perform at its highest level.

It is the district’s mission is to create a culture of collective responsibility to add value for all students through academic rigor and best instructional practices in a safe, caring, learning environment.

The  district believes…

  • …the school shares the value of and is the heart of the community.
  • …that timely and regular communication is vital to the success as a district.
  • …in providing diverse and multiple opportunities in the area of co-curricular and extra-curricular to all students.
  • …the staff and students need to possess the agility to be prepared for the unknown.

Along with the great educational programs offered as part of the curriculum, Fort Recovery Local School District offers great extra-curricular activities to all students. Whether your child is more inclined to music or sports, there is always something extra!

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