The Fort Recovery Chamber of Commerce met in regular session on April 26, 2022 at Brickstreet.
Members Present: Amy Wendel, Sue Heiser, Eric Brackman, Amy Spriggs, Ted Romer, Abby Timmerman, Larry Brown.
Secretary Report: Sue, made a motion to approve the previous month meeting minutes, seconded by Eric.
Treasurers Report: Checking account beginning balance $6,211.10. Disbursements totaling $1327.82, receipts totaling $0.00 with an ending balance of $4,883.28, Cash on hand is $5.00 and the Fort Recovery Scholarship Fund is $9,632.29 for a grand total of $14,520.67. Amy S. made a motion to approve, seconded by Abby.
Old Business:
There was a profit of $269.00 from the banquet.
New Business:
Chamber: No new business.
Village: No Report
School: Prom is this Friday, April 29th. Graduation is Sunday. May 22nd. Some projects that will happen this summer — Chiller Project; Laser the Middle School Gym Roof to check for imperfections that may need addressed; 1/3 of the Black top will be resurfaced; New Auditoria Floor – will be a vinyl material. Middle School and High School Gym floors will be worked on. Painting will be happening along with HVAC water unit in High School will be upgraded. Summer school and Camp Laffalot
Jubilee: Things are coming together. Looking for Parade participants (see attached).
Ambassadors: June 4th is the “Battle of the Fort” Tractor pulls.
Athletic Boosters:
WOW: April 30th Campsites go on sale.
Historical Society & Project Recovery: May 2nd will have a Grant Distribution Meeting.
Community Foundation: None
OTHER news: Sawyer Overman Benefit June 10 – 12 at Wendelin Park to raise money for a Ninja Park.
May 6th – Fort Recovery Cruise in on Brickstreet.
May 12th – Tomorrow’s Technology is having a work from home Cyber Security Webinar
May 14th – Community Clean up day (Trash Day)
Amy Spriggs is working with CW, SH, FR and Rockford chambers to have a SOCA benefits combined event early fall.
Eric motioned to adjourn the meeting.
The next meeting is scheduled for May 31st, at Brickstreet, at 12 p.m.

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