225logoThis year marked Fort Recovery’s quasquibicentennial anniversary which was a good reason to celebrate! Over the course of more than a year, the FR225 Committee was hard at work raising funds and planning activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. For a community to come together and work side-by-side to kick off our annual Harvest Jubilee in a way that was it was done is nothing short of amazing. The amount of people it takes to pull off an organized event (or events!) like the FR225 is astronomical and our community is one that should be envied by all.veterans-monument11-day

The start of the scheduled events took place on Sunday, June 12, 2016 with the Opening Ceremonies at the newly constructed Fort Recovery Veteran Plaza at Monument Park. The Veteran’s monument hosts the names of the living and deceased members of our community who fought (or are still fighting) for our freedoms that we are privileged today. Later that night, the Quasquibicentennial Drama,  a very well
formed production, was held at Ambassador Park. Hundreds of volunteers were dressed in costume and recited their lines that they practiced the many weeks leading up to the triple performance. drama flag.jpgIt was amazing the number of people who flooded the grandstands at Ambassador park each performance. Many were left either standing or sitting on the ground to be able to capture such a spectacular performance commemorating the last two-hundred and twenty-five years of Fort Recovery’s history. The end of the production was every bit of patriotic. With the words of “God Bless America” filling the air from both the actors and spectators, a giant American flag was held up on stage. With the help of Ethan Schoenherr and Mitchell Schulze of Heads Up Photography, we were able to capture the breathtaking site of the drama’s finale.

225-activities_0018Each day leading up and into the 2016 Harvest Jubilee was associated with all aspects of
what makes our community great. Monday, June 13, 2016 was “Business Industry Day” and the events scheduled that day fell into that category. Between the Walking Tours of Downtown, to the Opera House Tours and the Taste of the Fort, you were able to learn about the businesses in Fort Recovery and get a taste of what is available in here. Just like the bicentennial celebration in 1991, men vied for the best beard in the Beard Contest and those who dressed the part took competition in the Costume Contest.  Later that evening the second performance of the drama took place drawing just as many visitors as the first performance.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 was none other than “Patriotic Day” with a Patriotic Tribute by the VFW and American Legion. A Wedding style meal was served for dinner just before the start of the third and final drama performance. Since agriculture is a very large part of our community, Wednesday was slated for “Agricultural Day” featuring a German Meal, Craft Beer and Wine Tasting, Ag Olympics and the FR Scavenger Hunt throughout town. Once Thursday arrived, our annual Jubilee was in full swing!

In addition to all the individuals who planned, prepared and executed all the events that made up our 225 Celebration, there were also many sponsors helped financially make this quasquibicentennial anniversary a success – including many Fort Recovery Chamber of Commerce members! Thank you for your donation, time and efforts! Until next time!

Amanda Wyerick



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