Fort Recovery Area Chamber of Commerce

Regular Meeting

March 28, 2016


The Fort Recovery Chamber of Commerce met in regular session on Monday, March 28, 2016 at Theinmans.


Members Present: Ted Romer, PG Jellison, Randy Diller, Joe Faller, Amanda Wyerick, Mandy Wendel, Connor Rammel, Megan Steinberg, Sue Heiser, Sandy Keller & Justin Firks.


The meeting was called to order by President, Ted Romer.


Secretary Report: A motion was made by Sue Heiser to approve the minutes of the February meeting; seconded by Connor Rammel.



Treasurer’s Report: Amanda Wyerick reported a beginning checking account balance of $3016.84 and an ending checking account balance of $2733.16, along with Fort Recovery Foundation Scholarship Fund of $6641.02 and disbursements totaling $293.68. Grand Total is $9401.18. A motion was made by PG Jellison to approve the treasurer’s report, second by Randy Diller.


Old Business:


New Business:

Chamber News: Ted informed the chamber John Boehner will be speaking April 5th in Columbus. The chamber received their membership confirmation with the Ohio Chamber. A motion was made by Sue Heiser and Randy Diller to make a $100 donation to both the FR After Prom & FR FFA Banquet.


Village News: Randy noted the waterline work has been completed in time for paving. S Elm Street will be redone with sidewalks and street lights. Williams street is on hold until next year. Restroom improvements at the park will take place this summer. The land in town by Dr. Carr’s office looks like it will be approved. Dollar General will be pouring concrete soon in hopes of opening late June. Erin is working on an applied safety grant to replace the Police Department’s cruiser as well as additional equipment for the Fire Department and a new ambulance for the Mercer County Squad.


Fort Recovery Schools: Justin noted report cards will be distributed this week. The 8th Graders returned from a great trip to Washington D.C. The band is leaving for Florida March 31st through April 4th. They received an excellent rating at their Van Wert contest. The school is working on some facility updates. Additional parking for 50 spots will be added at the Elementary/Middle School. Stone parking will be added to the Baseball Diamond. A press box/concession stand was added at the ball diamond. A new long jump will be added at the track. The ceiling in the gym is being reconditioned. Williams Street project is on the agenda for next year in hopes of adding sidewalks to the football field. It was also discussed about the Fort Recovery Schools receiving a D on their school report card. This is due to students opting out of taking the test. The students’ that opted out were given a zero on the test and their score was averaged into the score from the students that took the test.


Merchants Association: The circus will be held May 17th. The merchants association is looking for a business to donate a large amount of tickets to the school. The 225 Celebration will be holding a meeting Sunday, April 3 in the Community Room from 2-4 p.m. for those interested in the drama. The Taste of FR will be Monday June 14th on the brick street from 5-8p.m. There will be open house tours of the opera house as well as a beard contest at 6:30 and costume contest at 7 p.m. The chamber is discussing asking interested Fort Recovery businesses to provide tours of their businesses in hopes of including all businesses in Business and Industry Day.


Community Foundation: The grant applications are on the foundations websites. Distributions will be announced in April.


Mercer Health: Mandy reported Mercer Health is adding on a 3 story section to the hospital. She also encouraged individuals to watch a video depicting the history of Mercer Health.


With no other business, Randy Diller made a motion to adjourn.


The next meeting is scheduled for April 25, 2016 @Theinmans.


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