The Fort Recovery Chamber of Commerce met in regular session on Tuesday, November 30, at Brickstreet.
Members Present: PG Jellison, Amy Spriggs, Connor Rammel, Eric Brackman, Sue Heiser, Ted Romer, Amy Wendel
Secretary Report: PG Jellison made a motion to approve the October meeting minutes, seconded by Sue Heiser
Treasurers Report: Checking account beginning balance $6,747.10. Disbursements totaling $1139.00, receipts totaling $229.00, with an ending balance of $5,564.10. Cash on hand is $34.00 and the Fort Recovery Scholarship Fund is $9,632.39 for a grand total of $15,201.49. Ted Romer made a motion to approve, seconded by Amy Spriggs.
Old Business:

  • Megan and Chris Steinberg sent a Thank you card for our thoughts and flowers.
  • Girls Scouts sent a Thank you card for the donation for the Santa House.
    New Business:
    Chamber: The Chamber Banquet will be March 20th.
  • 2 houses (East of Fort Fitness) on Butler St. have recently been demolished. Hearing that a duplex of some sort, be it residential or commercial is to be built there.
  • Basketball season is starting this week (Thursday, December 2 first girls’ home game and Saturday, December 4th is the first boys’ game)
  • Christmas open house seemed to have a good turn out and a nice (snowy) day. Danielle Pottkotter was the winner of the $1000 merchant prize.
  • Jingle and Mingle is Thursday, December 2nd. Going to have a punch card or some sort to turn in if you make it to all of the places on the card.
  • Sorority is working to bring back a craft show. It’s pending for April 9th with the Egg Hunt next year, hoping to bring some Food Trucks and/or other entertainment in with it.
  • No December meeting.
  • Will be Father’s Day weekend next year.
  • Next meeting is January 12th at 7 p.m. at Town Hall, all are welcome! Looking for volunteers for different stands/events.
  • Hearing some news about possibly getting the bridge from Wabash Rd (South of 219) to replace the bridge coming into the park – to help bring larger vehicles in. Not set in stone yet.
    Athletic Boosters:
  • Softball and Baseball Fields are coming right along. Softball field has the carpet laid and will be ready by spring time. Baseball will start the season on the old field and see how things progress.
  • They recently purchased a groomer and a mower that cost the boosters $30,000.
  • The building will be under construction next spring. May lay some blocks yet this winter.
  • They are promoting joining the boosters, it cost $25 to join. At each home Boys Basketball game and each home MAC Girls Basketball game, they will draw a booster members name for $100. Must be present to win. If that person is not there, that $100 will rollover to the next game. $500 max.
    o You can become a Boosters member online (see their facebook page) or get ahold of one of their current members
  • Going to have a “Booster Ball” at the Bowling Alley on January 21st, after the game vs St Henry. If you are a booster’s member, you will receive 2 free drink tickets. You can also join the boosters this night.
  • ALL WOW tickets are sold!
  • Selling Tow and Go tickets now, have about 400 sold, the more sold, the more prizes available. Each tickets gives 5 chances to win.
    Historical Society & Project Recovery:
  • New “Welcome to Fort Recovery” signs on the East and West sides of town were recently put up.
    Community Foundation:
  • Their yearly mailing will be going out in the next week or two.
    OTHER news:
  • Mercer County Fairgrounds has their Merry and Bright Light show going on.
  • Jay County Fairgrounds has their Light show going on, 6-10 p.m.
  • Coldwater Memorial Park will have their walk through light show event with Pony rides on specified days starting December 3rd.
    Eric Brackman motioned to adjourn the meeting.
    The next meeting is scheduled for January 25th at Brickstreet, at 12 p.m.

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