Christmas came early for the Fort Recovery Chamber of Commerce! On its list this year was a new and improved website and they received just that!

The Fort Recovery Chamber of Commerce recently revamped their website to better serve their mission to their members. Upon discussions in recent meetings, it was determined that the current site was underutilized and a new volunteer was sought to take over updating the site.

Amanda Wyerick, treasurer for the chamber, volunteered to tackle this request at the November 28th regular chamber meeting. It only seemed fitting to have Amanda take over the Chamber’s website since she currently updates the Village of Fort Recovery’s website.

She designed a new website that is not only more visually appealing both traditionally and on smart phone/tablet devices but it also allows more opportunity to offer improved benefits to their chamber members.

The new/improved website features include (list is not all-inclusive):

  • The ability for Members and organizations to release information to the “Chamber News” page and a centralized Facebook page.
    • One of the main obstacles when it comes to having individual business or organization Facebook pages is getting the information out to as any people as possible – this benefit solves that obstacle on a local level.
    • Since Facebook is already a centralized communication portal, it is a great way to get information out quickly and effectively.
  • Member websites, if one is available, is linked to a membership listing which is easily found along the right side of several website pages or on the Member Listing page.
  • The public will be able to access the meeting minutes with ease to find out what is happening at each chamber meeting.
  • The overall flow and ease of using the website has improved.
  • Forms have been added and improved.
    • Applying for a Membership Form has been added. Information is collected electronically; however, membership dues is still requested to be mailed.
    • A form has been created to be able to add limited business information to a full local listing.
    • A nomination form has been improved to allow individuals to be able to nominate a Citizen of the Year or Hall of Fame recipient. This is done on an annual basis.
    • A form to submit any questions or information to the chamber has been improved.
  • The ability to update the website easily has been dramatically improved; therefore can be updated more frequently.
  • The addition of an “Upcoming Events” listing was added to the website.
  • An embedded Facebook feed has also been included on the Home page
  • and many more improvement!

The Fort Recovery Chamber of Commerce would like to invite current chamber members, the local school district, the local government, all local churches, and all local civic organizations to submit their events and information to the Chamber to be included with the Chamber News and on the chamber’s Facebook page. Please us the “Contact Us” page to begin the process to submitting your information. For businesses that are not currently a member of the Fort Recovery Chamber of Commerce, you are invited to become a member to experience some of the great benefits!

The chamber would also like to invite the public to experience the new website and to “Like Us” on Facebook! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please use the “Contact Us” form on the chamber’s website at!

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